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The university campus is located in Hualien county which boasts of beautiful sceneries and refreshing air, whilst students are privileged to access the Nature at all time. Sheltered by mountains and the ocean, students have diversified life experiences in addition to academic trainings. Indeed, our students have left their footprints in many places, such as: the Long-Rainbow Bridge linking Hualien and Taidong Counties, the Carp Lake nearby the Papaya Stream. Our campus allows students to release from the pressure, to strengthen their bodies, and what is more, to enjoy sweet memories.

Apart from that, teachers and students of the Institute get along very well. There are regular outdoor experiencing lessons every semester. The lectures are often given outside whilst discussions and debates are taken in mountains or beside the sea. It not only fosters wonderful learning atmosphere, but also inspires students to have creative thoughts. Besides, the get-together party held at the end of every semester, enables students and teachers to know one another better. On that occasion, everyone can relax and talk to each other, free from barriers of school identities. It is a good chance to review the teaching methods and research outcomes of the semester, and also a good way to deepen the communications between teachers and students, as well as enrich the content of interactions from class lecturing to daily lives. Naturally and gradually, it brings profession education and friendship building into harmony.

Moreover, the interactions among students always go on. Students get to know one another in group activities such as: climbing, hiking, beach sight-seeing, birthday parties , soft baseball games, badminton games, and so on. Other activities like tasting all famous local dishes, shopping in night markets, playing with neighboring dorm mates, and singing in the KTV… These activities are ranging from food, clothing, living, transportation, education and recreation, successfully connect everyone's heart together and even closer every time. We are like families, living in this spacious campus of Dong Hwa University. And we are a happy and harmonious family-the Financial Economic Law Institute.