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Life Information


* In / Outside the campus:

    There are quite a few places offering food services in campus such as the Lakeside Restaurant, the Eight-Angle Pavillion inside the College of the Humanities and Social Science, and the Duorong Hall in the dormitory area. Various types of food are available, including: buffet, set meal, fried rice, fried noodles, Italian spaghetti. Their prices range from NT $ 50 and NT $120.
    Besides, restaurants are clustered on the Zhi-Xue Street outside the campus. There are more choices of food served with better quality. You can enjoy noodles, set meals, buffets, stuffed dumplings,curries, and different snacks here at the prices between NT $ 50 and NT$120. in this area.

* Famous Snack of Hualien:

    Hualien is famous for millet cakes. It is a dessert made by glutinous rice and filled with various stuffings such as peanut, sesame, red bean, strawberry cream and so on. Each of them tastes differently depending on their individual stuffing. You can find stores selling millet cakes everywhere around the city, a single millet cake is priced between NT$ 5-20.


Changes of seasons are distinct in Hualien. During summer ( from June to September), it is hot and dry, the average temperature stands at 25-32 degrees Centigrade , and typhoons come frequently. When winter comes ( from December to February), it is cold and rainy, the average temperature stands at 15-22 degrees Centigrade and occasionally drops to 10 under the attack of cold fronts. Nearby this university there is only one clothes shop located in Zhi-Xue Street, selling daily wears, jeans, and T-shirts. Each item costs several hundred NT dollars. There are a lot of clothes shops in Hualien city, selling sports wear, casual wear, formal suit, priced from several hundred to several thousand NT dollars, depending on quality. Picture of NDHU


* Long-term accommodation

  • Inside the campus: The university provides limited number of dormitories. The Jie-Yun Residence is for graduate students. Each graduate student has a single room with a shared bathroom. Facilities in a room include a desk, bookshelf, bed, closet, and an air conditioner. On the first floor in Jie-Yun Residence there is a laundry equipped with washing machines and driers, charging from NT $20 to 30.
    Room rent is NT $8,000 per semester for each student, with an addition charge of NT $ 250 for using the internet. Besides, electricity fee for air conditioner will be charged on case-by-case basis.
    Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Outside the campus: Nearby the university many rooms, suites and shared-flats are available for students. Rents are from NT$ 2,000 to NT $ 4,000 per month, exclusive of the electricity and water fees. The term of the lease contract usually sets up for one year. For further information, please click NDHU Rental Information Website (only in Chinese).

* Short-term Accommodation

  • In the campus-Visiting Scholars Guesthouse welcome the booking by visitors, especially academic scholars. For more details, please contact the Administrative Section, Department of General Affairs, NDHU.
  • Others- Hualien is famous for its beautiful sceneries, so there are many inns, hotels and B & B's located not only in the downtown but the suburban areas. The price charged is several thousand NT dollars per night.


Picture of sight

Hualien boasts of clear water, clean air and beautiful mountains which are rarely seen in other places of Taiwan. It faces the Pacific Ocean and lies beside the Central Range, thus creating many natural wonders. There are Taroko National Park with gorgeous mountains and valleys, the Longitudinal Valley full of farm sceneries, and the East Coast Scenic Area surrounded by mountains and the sea. Every year, Carp Lake holds the Firefly Festival in April and May, which is a great presentation of our ecological reservation。

Apart from the magnificent national sceneries, Hualien has very colorful cultural heritages. There are diversified indigenous tribes including the Amis, the Bunun, and the Taroko. Every year the harvest festivals held by each tribe has become an unique feature of Hualien. Besides, you may enjoy a wide selection of recreational activities that are beneficial both physically and mentally, such as : hot spring bathing, rafting, hiking upstream, flying parachutes, one-person motored aircraft, etc.For more information,
please click on Hualien Official Tourist Website.