From Integration of Resources to Integration of Disciplines. Nourish Legal Contemplation with Humanistic Spirit. Embrace Values and Ideals With Local Practice.

Picture of NDHU From Integration of Resources to Integration of Disciplines
The integration of with other departments has always been a main concern when it comes to our developments. The Institute requires all graduates to earn at least three credits from non-law courses run by other Institutes. This aims to encourage students of the Institute to make the best of available learning resources provided by the University, and help them to gain an inter-disciplinary perspective on legal research gradually through this process.

Nourish Legal Contemplation with Humanistic Spirit
The Institute is in eastern Taiwan which possesses the most plentiful cultures and landscapes. There are four different ethnic groups living together harmoniously, as well as art and cultural societies burgeoning quickly. This is an ideal environment for nourishing humanistic spirit, especially to legal scholars whose researches should be based on people and real lives. Dong Hwa Financial Economic Law Institute is by no means an academic ivory tower. To step out of the campus and communicate with people are essential to our students and teachers in both learning.

Embrace Values and Ideals With Local Practice
The essence of law lies in ideals, whereas the value of law lies in practice. The teachers and students of this Institute take the developments of humanistic education and the reflection on values as key elements of legal education, and take participation in community development and the public issues as missions of legal research. At this point, public affairs at the grassroots level in Taiwan are still in a transition stage of democracy. Challenges such as how to put theory into practice, connect the law and the culture will require the law academics to have appropriate responding abilities when they practice law in the down-to-earth level.

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